Project Fiber Art | For the Horses

The goal of the Blue Horse Rescue fiber art fundraiser is to raise funds for horse rescue through a huge fiber art project.  What we ask is, that many fiber artists donate just one mini work of fiber art measuring 5 by 7 inches that may be used as a decorative wall hanging.

You may embellish your 5 by 7 work of art any way you like - we encourage you to get creative and bold! While we ask that horses be the main theme of the project, we will also accept other imagines as well. Our only sticky rule is the size - 5 by 7 inches only, please!

5 by 7 inches

We would like to have 1,000 amazing fiber art pieces to offer donors through this website and social media.  We are also hoping to have displays set up in galleries, shops and hopefully a few wineries throughout Napa Valley and the wine growing regions of California.

When you submit your mini quilt, please include your name, or studio name, as we will be acknowledging you all on our website. Also, please let us know your mailing address so we can provide you with a donor receipt.

Every one is welcome to participate, and we look forward to seeing the amazing talents of the fiber art world!

The Short Version ...

  • Submit a 5 by 7 inch piece of fiber art

  • Wall hanging included

  • Horse themed or related

  • All forms of mixed media & embellishments welcomed!

  • Include your name, studio, mailing address & contact info

We would like to have 50-100 pieces of fiber art to display on our website by the end of December 2017!

Please submit your work to: 

Blue Horse Rescue, PO Box 458, Crockett, Ca 94525


If you have any questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

We look forward to seeing the amazing work of so many talented quilters, creatives and artisans. Have fun with it and thanks so much for participating in our Project Fiber Art for the Horses!



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